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University of Dundee student, Danielle Dray, had similar woes at the hands of a long distance romance, and feels that regardless of effort, breaking up is in fact inevitable.

“I was with my boyfriend for a year before going to university and we broke up a few months ago.

It’s hard if you’ve been hurt in the past but remember that unless you have a real reason to think your partner is cheating on you, if you can see they’re putting their all into your relationship too, then they deserve your trust. Both parties need to be fully on board The other thing about a long distance relationship is that it naturally speeds up the progression of the relationship.

The fact is that if you’re committing all this time and money to a relationship then you need to be really dedicated to it – otherwise one of you is going to be very disappointed.

Most people looking for love wouldn’t cite a long distance relationship as their ideal situation.

I knew OF him, but didn’t really know him for 2 years.We have been talking about marriage, but nothing has been finalised. We rented with his brother, its expensive to live in London. Once she is in england with you you can apply for a Certificate of Approval.She can come on a tourist visa and stay if you are willing to support her financially. This allows you permission to get registered to marry.It just depends on whether you have the will power or not.” Although recent research rebuts prevailing dating mythology by suggesting that long distance relationships can actually strengthen romantic bonds, Cambridge graduate, Leon Alcone, recounted a disastrous long distance relationship which, despite his best efforts, saw a bitter end.“We dated for a couple of weeks and then she went back to her home country for a month.

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