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“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” returned this week with one of its most ambitious seasons yet, opening an unprecedented 12th year with “The Gang Turns Black,” an episode in which the gang takes on racial prejudice from a brand new perspective.It’s an storyline that found its most brilliant touches, the creators admitted, after they decided to do the “hard” version of it.In the credits of the long-running FX comedy It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Rob Mc Elhenney is listed as the show’s creator, but Mc Elhenney will be the first to tell you that the designation doesn’t mean much.The demented show is the joint creation of Mc Elhenney and co-stars Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton, three actors who met each other on the Los Angeles audition circuit and decided to see if they could make a show for themselves on a shoestring budget.After the season’s first episode aired, Mc Elhenney sat down with The A. Club to clear up why he decided to gain the weight, why the trio keeps wanting to turn sitcom conventions on their ear, and how they managed to create a world around five people who are intent on destroying themselves in a seedy bar in Philadelphia. If anything, when you’re in your late 20s, early 30s, and then mid-30s, you’re getting less attractive AVC: It always seems like the women get thinner as the years go on, too. And then the plastic surgery kicks in, and then you have a new stylist so your clothes look better, and then you have the most expensive guy in Beverly Hills doing your hair so your highlights look nicer.Look, ultimately, I understand it from a business perspective. It just doesn’t work for us, as far as I was concerned.Unlike 's dated stereotype Waylon Smithers (who himself came out in a torturously sentimental 2016 episode), Mac exists on the show for reasons entirely outside of his sexuality.

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“Oftentimes when somebody suggests something, one of us goes, ‘Ugh, it’s just gonna be so hard, I don’t know if I want to do that,'” he said.Day told AXS that when it comes to persevering in this industry, the key is to “make your own stuff, to do what you really want to do." Kaitlin Olson, who plays Dee Reynolds on the show, chimed in with, “When you’re pursuing your passion, take things moment to moment and remember that every day is new.Keep working on it”, she said, and then smiled at Charlie, “Once in a while you get lucky.” When asked about the future plans for television, Kaitlin joked that she intended to watch a lot of “Game of Thrones”.Starting from a well-produced but cheaply made home video, Sunny is now at the beginning of its seventh season on the cable network, and it has already been renewed for an eighth and ninth, putting it in the upper echelon of long-running comedies on TV. I understand it as an actor, which is, you want to be able to jump off that show and be able to go work on other things.Before the seventh season started, the usually trim Mc Elhenney generated headlines by gaining 50 pounds to play his character Mac; photos of a chubby Mc Elhenney wearing flowy Tommy Bahama shirts surfaced on the Internet in the months leading up to the seventh season première. Club: In various interviews by you, Glenn, and Charlie, you’ve said that you decided to gain the weight because you noticed that people in other sitcoms were getting thinner and better-looking. Rob Mc Elhenney: I think you turn on any television show, specifically in the last like five or six years—even the Friends were getting better-looking as the years were going by. I was watching that show and I was noticing that the nerds were getting better-looking; their clothes were getting nicer. But to me, if you’re dedicated to what you’re doing in the moment, right now, it just doesn’t make any sense that you would be more attractive as the years go by.

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