Graham colton dating

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Every time we went into the studio, we were on the cliff of getting dropped by the label. When you think of it, we had made ten records, one a year in the '70s, and just barely broke even.On Wednesday I had the opportunity to attend a show with a few good friends at the Triple Rock Social Club: Ben Rector and Graham Colton. However, there was something about hearing him play Wednesday night that caused me to like him even more. Maybe this time, without the rest of the band, his voice wasn't having to compete with anything else for my ears attention. Not just right after his set, but the rest of the night. Both artists we had seen before at the Varsity Theater: Ben Rector opening for Matt Wertz, and Graham Colton on his headlining tour, on which he would have his entire band. Graham was playing as support for Ben Rector, and he would play his set solo acoustic.

Kelly Clarkson tells Germany’s Bravo magazine that she has ended her relationship with tourmate Graham Colton, the same publication she broke news to late last year. “We felt that it makes no sense to be an item if you don’t see each other. Somehow, the stars were lined up and it just happened for us. KC: You know, at the time, we kind of felt like we deserved it. Finally the rest of the world had caught up with us. We sold out Madison Square Garden--we sold out the Houston Astrodome and the New Orleans Superdome on consecutive nights.But now, from my perspective--at this point I look back and I go, "My God." The chances of that happening, to anybody, is so infinitesimally slim--that the stars would line up like that. Every dream that I ever had as a kid, and then some, came true. At that point, that really wasn't something I was thinking about. To top it all off, when he finished his set, he sat in the back at his 'merch' table selling t-shirts and albums. As I have mentioned before, I love seeing this kind of interaction, and makes me have so much for respect for an artist.

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