Internet dating class learning annex

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“I never intended to be a relationship expert, whatever that is,” she told us. All of us are on this quest to have good relationships — but, of course, it’s easier to give advice.It’s times when I don’t follow my own advice that I run into trouble.” She’s cheerful and quick to laugh, with a matter-of-fact perspective on the dating world.The Short Version: Top relationship expert April Masini built a Twitter following of 1.4 million people by being straight up with daters about what works and why.

You may also be looking for Emperor Doofenshmirtz from an altered future, his 1914 counterpart, his 2nd Dimension counterpart or his Star Wars counterpart.

April Masini, relationship expert, author, and columnist, is nothing if not honest.

She loves helping others by doling out thoughtful dating advice but doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Is it any wonder that I thought I'd follow in those steps?

So here's my confession: I'm a JDate veteran from years ago (OK, the 1990s).

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