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A prison spokesman said: 'We are treating it as cardiac arrest.

There is no suggestion there was anyone else involved.' He was convicted at Leicester Crown Court in November 1991 of 17 charges of sexual and physical abuse of boys and girls including rape, buggery, indecent assault and assault.

I don’t think people talk nearly enough about the Elur Nedlog.

True, I never talked about it myself until it occurred to me a couple of months ago, but that is no excuse!

In The Birthweek Song, Robbie attempts to teach his inept grandmother how to use the internet.

Stressed out with repeated calls from his grandmother, Robbie invites a friend to come to Mamaw Shapiro's house that night, in which Cat accepts.

The conversation between the woman, accused of ill-treating her son, and a Leicestershire council officer did not take place until 1989, three years after Beck resigned as head of three children's homes, the Poplars in Market Harborough, the Ratcliffe Road home in Leicester, and the Beeches in Leicester Forest East.

She confided in the official, blaming her own behaviour on the abuse she suffered herself while in Beck's care at the Ratcliffe Road home in the mid-1970s.

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Inspiration came on a visit to the Isle of Man, which forms the Diocese of Sodor and Man in 1950.

She also explains that you can fake passion through acting, which she demonstrates by kissing him.

It doesn't work, as Robbie is now interested in Cat; he asked Cat to meet his parents directly after the kiss.

Sentencing Beck to five life terms, the judge, Mr Justice Jowitt, told him: 'You are a man with considerable talents and very great evil. many had been sexually abused already and could hardly have been more vulnerable.' Beck had a lonely and disturbed childhood.

You were entrusted with the care of some of the most disturbed children . He was teased for being effeminate and before he was 13 he was sexually assaulted by a man on a train.

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