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Als je geen Facebook-vertegenwoordiger hebt, kun je dit formulier invullen om het aanmeldingsproces in gang te zetten.Het beleidsteam neemt binnen dertig dagen rechtstreeks contact met je op met een antwoord.

The ad, titled "Chance for a Spinster," featured a young man touting his best traits in the hopes that he would find a wife.

Women didn't get into the personal ad game until 1727, when the Manchester Weekly Journal published an ad from a woman seeking "someone nice to spend her life with" ...

and then was promptly sent by the mayor to an asylum for four weeks.

(#Feminism, guys.) Huff Post's article chronicling the history of personal dating ads notes that in the late 1800s, when it was starting to become more socially acceptable to take out these ads, the first ever scammers and catfishers hit the scene.

Which kind of breaks my heart, because if my one true star-spangled love up there is a phony my little damsel heart shall break.

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