Alexis bledel dating vincent

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They married in 2014 and Angelina filed for divorce in 2016.There are some celebrities who publicize their pregnancies to the point where it feels like we’re at every OB/GYN appointment with them. These parents are proof positive that it Gosling and Mendes managed to keep her first pregnancy hidden for seven months.Think you know all of Hollywood's power couples?While we may never understand just why famous folks seem to be drawn to each other, it's a phenomenon that has existed since the dawn of film and television and the rise of Hollywood.

Once again, the news broke when TMZ discovered Amada Lee Gosling’s birth certificate.

The trailer helps paint a picture of Hulu’s adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s book.

It takes place in modern America where a dictatorship has taken away women’s rights.

There was no official announcement when their daughter Esmeralda Amada was born in September 2014, although TMZ did obtain a copy of her birth certificate.

Mendes gave a low-key interview about motherhood that November.

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